Dilla University

Services Rendered and their Pre-requisite

No Type of Fee Service Minimum Requirement Revised Fee
Regular  in Birr CEP in Birr PG in Birr
1 Application Fee (Regular/Generic)10th and 12th transcript and certificates Free - -
(PG)BA/BSc Documents, Official Transcript, Sponsorship Letter, - - 40
(CEP)10th and/or 12th transcript and certificates, Diploma, Service Year Testimony, COC (if necessary) - 20 -
2 Readmission Application fee completed withdrawal form & readmission form 20 30 40
3 Registration fee

New comers: Admission Letter/ Recognition

Senior Students: Completed Clearance, ID Card, advisor Approved Slip

Free 50 50
4 Registration with Penalty  (1st Day) 30 60 60
5 Late registration with Penalty (2nd  day) 50 70 70
6 Late registration with Penalty (3rd  day) 70 100 100
7 Late registration with Penalty (4th   day with valid justification) 90 130 130
8 Late registration with Penalty (5th   day with valid justification) after which a student forced to withdraw 150 160 160
9 Lost Clearance (For Active students) Completed Clearance;   10 20 20
10 Delayed Clearance Valid justification confirmed by Library and Students services 50 60 60
11 ID card Replacement (Lost) Completed Clearance; completed ID card replacement 80
12 ID card Replacement (Old/Ripped off) Completed Clearance; Registration Slip 50
13 Student copy before graduation* Identification Card and ID Number 50
14 Student copy/ temporary diploma up on graduation Name confirmation and two photographs; Completed clearance; ID card Free
15 Original Degree Completed Clearance 150
16 Official  (to Local address)  Identification Card and ID Number 50
17 Official (to Local address EMS) 50+EMS fee
18 Official (to foreign address ) 70
19 Official (to foreign address EMS) 70+EMS fee
20 Official (to Local address)   (by delegation) 50+100+EMS fee
21 Official (to foreign address)   (by delegation) 70+100+EMS fee
22 To whom it may concern Student copy from respective College/ Institute/School registrar unit (for currently enrolled student); One photograph; Clearance for inactive student (not currently enrolled); Registration slip for currently enrolled student 50
23 Diploma preparation Name confirmation & two Photographs 60
24 Medium of Instruction (Only for Graduates) One photograph; Identification Card 50
25 Document authentication per document - 50
26 Replacement of student copy (Due to loss/name conformation change) Identification Card; Clearance, Birth certificate from responsible body; Letter of application; Registration slip (if you are currently enrolled) 100
27 Replacement of Original Degree/Diploma Completed Clearance 250
28 Replacement of Temporary Degree/Diploma Completed Clearance 100
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