Dilla University


DU strides with refreshed spirit

With viable hope to better future, DU staffs had been in intense review of the back and fro institutional rubrics as per the annual schedule from September 16-20, 2017 E. C. His honor the president of the University Dr. Kalkidan Negash blessed the meeting by welcoming all the staff with flavored ‘happy new year,’ wish. It was held in both campuses. The academic staff had arranged their meeting in the main hall where as the supportive staff gathered in Oda Ya’a campus. The core issues of the yearly assessment were

  • The essence of teaching and quality of education
  • The concept of deliverlogy and way outs to fit to our reality
  • The impact of Civics and Ethical education
  • The plan of DU for 2018G.C.

On the first day the president forwarded the staff to share their yearly practices focusing on how to seal the emerging loopholes and reserve the outsmarting qualities. The participants on their part tried to reflect the existing factors that hamper our progress and the possible solutions which would realize our dreams. Almost all the university staff agreed up on the value of quality education for sustainable development and underscored the role of the academic staff, the shares of the administrative staff, the leaders in all levels and other stake holders. The meeting was remarkably transformative as all the staff were keen to every fraction of minute and every piece of commentary.

On the second day his Excellency, Ato Moti introduced a new job package, deliverology. This system is brought as a new solution to the current customer dissatisfaction in government offices. Deliverology, was first innovated in Britain during the time of PM Tony Blair. It is believed to deaden the pains of the people who suffered from maladministration, despite the implementation of smart policy. Ato Moti on his part advised to share the principles of the new working scheme positively as he had digested to suit to the context of DU, while taking a training.

Dr. Kalkidan again spoke the significance of calibrating the competence of university instructors to heighten the quality of education at the level. Besides, he attempted to stabilize certain misconceptions and accepted some emerging challenges to achieve the vision of DU. Especially, he criticized the skills of some staffs and students, the depleting ethics and commitment of few staffs, the impact of external and systemic factors. As a counter reaction the academic staffs raised several questions of the loopholes and delivery unit linking to its difference from BPR/ BSC. Finally, the staff approved to face everything regardless of the inevitable challenges.

Next to the deliverology issues, the impact of Civics and Ethical education on shaping the contemporary generation was forwarded. That was held in separate group discussions and developed into one focal consent. The participants concluded that the provision of civics and ethical education has brought remarkable transformation in our country, in these few years. However, the prevailing changes were in process entangled with numerous entrapping factors. The house listed such important deficiencies which hampered the fruition of the presupposed vision. In terms of several yardsticks, the impact of immorality and corruptions here and there, the exclusion of indigenous values and norms from the curriculum, limited understanding of the upper generation about civics and focus to right forgetting the responsibility were among the outweighing challenges.

In the end the plan of the University for the Year 2018G.C and the expected role of the different stakeholders were discussed. His excellence, Mr. Aklilu from the planning and program office presented different promising plans that can solve a lot of deep rooted inadequacies in the university. Especially, the teacher’s residences are at the verge to be served to significant number of teachers in the institution and alleviate the housing tension in the town. Besides different projects related to teaching learning, research and community service are on progress, according to the program officer. Despite, minor natural differences almost similar issues were discussed with the supportive staffs too.

The board of the university also pledged to offer close back up as much as possible unlike the earlier situations. Above all the zonal administrator Ato Amenu, primarily advised to think broadly to the level and serve meaningfully. The teachers, on their part, in fact, criticized the limitations of the local administration to improvise the university as significant number of challenges have been emanating from the loose attachment with the university. However we all have to reconcile and bridge much more link. His honor Dr. Kalkidan called up on the contribution of every staff member and to lift up the quality of the university further. He confirmed the possibility of creating better opportunities by refreshing and activating the different sections.    

Generally, the five days meeting was very successful despite the reflection of some minor cases which ought to be stabilized further. Vital issues which can advance the quality of our education as a nation and as institution were digested thoroughly. The essence of quality education, the implementation of deliverology, the cutting edges of civics and ethical education and the proceeding institutional affairs were the pillars of the five days meeting. If the said promises were brought into practice, hopefully DU will become reputed champ in east Africa. Anyway, where there is a will there is a way.


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